Best Camping Tents 2017 Review & Buying Guide [Exclusive]

Best Camping Tents: If you are well acquainted with the immeasurable perks that spending days out in the wilderness have to offer, then you must already know the distinction between traveling light and traveling in luxury. For those who don't, yes, they can be mutually exclusive. The truth is, different people have different kinds of preferences when it comes to camping. And most of them will fall into either of the two categories- those who like to hike or trek to the campsite, and those who prefer to take the vehicular route. The difference may seem to be a trivial one for the layman, but the experienced will know how important it is to consider this factor before settling in on camping gears to accompany them on their next outdoor adventure. And this is why when you go to the store, you will see different options for backpacking tents and the best camping tents.

Best Camping Tents

Best Camping Tents 2017

We have already done an extensive post on the best backpacking tents for those trips on which you will be traveling a lot on foot. Now it's time to take a look at some of the options out there for those who don't immediately have minimalism on their mind. The best camping tents, as opposed to their backpacking siblings, can afford to provide campers with increased levels of comfort and luxury. The quality options are also built to withstand much more than a solitary draft or a short spell of the shower. Overall, they can also provide more security.

However, all these come at the crucial cost of weight, and sometimes, packability. By now you have probably understood why exactly camping tents are recommended especially for those who tend to drive to the camping site rather than lightweight backpackers.

What makes Camping Tents Special

Besides the stability and durability factors, and the fact that they need to be transported from one place to another by car, the most remarkable thing that sets a camping tent apart is the space, and thereby, comfort, that they offer. While in the modern day scenario camping tents come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (two-person, three-person, or more), they are typically referred to as family tents because they tend to go easier on the space front.

This means that a two person camping tent will often be more spacious than its backpacking equivalent. Despite the general belief that camping tents are heavy, modern fabric and material technology allow some of the top companies to come up with the best camping tents at a much lesser weight. They are also being made increasingly easy to be set up. It is to be noted that camping tents come with much simpler set up systems owing to the different materials they can afford to aid it.

Who should buy a Camping Tent

Anyone with a knack for facing the outdoors in all its great majesty should definitely think about getting themselves a good camping tent from a reliable manufacturer. There are several brands that seasoned campers swear by for the enhanced protection they offer. However, if you rely solely on backpacking trips, then camping tents might not be your cup of tea. For you might find them to be way too heavy and completely unfit to be packed into anywhere small. However, if you have a love for the outdoors, then you might just find yourself getting somewhere in a vehicle. We recommend you to stash up in that case so that you are prepared when the time comes.

Best Camping Tents for up to 3 Persons

Why buy a Camping Tent

The fact is, your tent should be your perfect home away from home. It should also be able to endure the elements which protecting you from them, which is why it needs to be sturdy, waterproof, and windproof. So choosing the best camping tent for you is imperative if you wish to spend a great time when you're outdoors, whether on your own or with a companion or two. After all, you do not want to be stranded in a middle of a camping trip with a weakly built tent failing you. Camping tents are also a great place to chill out in in the sun, and they also allow you to sit up fully in them because of the ample space they offer. That's why they are also better options for people who are built taller than most. Some camping tents for more than one person will have one or more walls dividing the tent into smaller "rooms." All in all, these aim to be tents that offer you more luxury than other variants, and the best among them will definitely live up to your expectations.

Best Camping Tents Buying Guide: Things to Consider

Like all things that tend to be a good investment, you need to do a little bit of research and really get to know about them before going out to buy the best camping tent for you. Like we said before, these come in a lot of different builds, material types, and sizes, but there are a few basic things that every tent manufacturer worth their salt will keep in mind. These factors include capacity, floor coverage, set up procedures, weather resistance, and ease of carriage. The tent that can be packed more compact than others will obviously be easier to haul in your car rather than ones that are bulkier. So keeping that in mind, let's take a look at all the things that you need to know before you prepare to invest in one.

Weather: This point covers a large number of options, so the first thing you need to do is gauge your needs beforehand. Are you more preferential towards camping out in the summers? In the answer is yes, then you would do well with a screen type to allow for more ventilation to keep you from feeling stuffy. But summers also tend to be the time when there are lots of insects around, so go for a great tent that will successfully keep them out. Screen tents are great for staying cool and protected from the heat as well as bugs even when it is completely closed.

However, if you're a round-the-year kind of camper, then you probably already know how important it is to be in possession of more than one camping tent. And in that case, you would do well to go with a higher season rated tent, with three-season rated tents being the most popular based on their versatility. They can typically stand up to most kinds of weather conditions and are more reliable to take along with when the weather is unpredictable. They also strike a great balance between cross ventilation and protection.

For the likes of climbers, however, a four season tent might be better suited if mountaineering in extreme snowy locations. Four-season tents are built to hold up against strong winds and even storms, and you can be certain that they will protect you from the cold by keeping it out.

Tent Build: Another very important thing to educate ourselves about before buying one of the best camping tents is the build. And the build of a tent varies in quality, height, space, stability, walls, and several other factors. In terms of variations in camping tent heights, you can find a variety of options that allow you to go from standing up inside your tent to shorter ones where you can sit up. But whatever you choose, tall or short, make sure you can stay in an upright sitting or standing position comfortably. There's no point in buying a tent where you will have to crane your neck. In that case, standing up won't mean much after all.

Coming to the space factor, it really depends on your preference and how you like to loiter in your lazy times. If you're good with staying in one position throughout the night, then you can get by in a tight fitting tent. However, if you like a bit of space to yourself, and/or, are traveling with someone who likes a roomier area, then you could consider trading up in terms of person capacity. For instance, if you're traveling in twos but like a bit of extra space, then you could buy a three-person tent. And since you'll most likely be hitching it in your car, carrying it won't be a problem.

Walling is another important thing to consider, Camping tents are usually of two kinds, single walled or doubled walled. The best camping tents aim to give you the best of both worlds by combining great weather protection and breathability. The difference in the two kinds of wall construction in tents has to do with expense and convenience. Many campers prefer to go with the double walled variety for their versatility, as their construction lets you choose to set them up according to your needs. They are easier on the pocket compared to their single walled counterparts too. Double-walled tents consist of two different layers, with a breathable inner mesh wall, and an outer rain fly that can be set up separately. So on a particularly balmy evening, you can opt to just set up the mesh inner, while using the rainfly during colder or wetter conditions. They are, however, more hassle some to set up. Single-walled tents, on the other hand, use a single line of fabric that is engineered to be bothwind/ waterproof and breathable at the same time. They are also easier to set up while making them tents made with these fabrics far less prone to condensation.

Door/ Door Orientation: The number of doors featured in your camping tent and how they are positioned are important factors that can have a direct effect on your or your partner's stay inside it. Tents usually come in either single door or double door constructions. Incase of a single door, you should see where it is positioned, especially if it is meant for more people than the solitary traveler. In that case, it will be easier for both you and your camping partner if the door is placed at either of the two ends. But if it is placed along one of the walls, then the person sleeping on the other side will have to crawl over the one sleeping on the side of the door to get out of the tent. Double door tents are a lot easier to get in and out off, but they can also make the tent much heavier and less packable than their single door counterparts. Go with whichever you think best suits your needs.

How it packs/ How much it weighs: Like all tents, it is important to take note of how easily you will be able to carry your camping tent. While camping tents are usually heavier than backpacking counterparts owing to their more feature packed design, no one likes to haul around a super heavy tent despite having the comfort of your car. The best camping tents come with the lightest and yet most durable materials to make hauling and setting up much easier.

Price: The price for camping tents can range between vast numbers, and you would not be blamed if you wanted to veer towards some of the cheaper options. However, keep in mind that your camping tents will be your only shelter when you're out toiling in the wilderness. Imagine if suddenly you get stranded in the midst of bad weather and your cheap tent collapses. It is important to keep in mind that when it come to outdoor gear, you definitely get what you pay for. So it is advisable to stretch your budget according to your needs and go for the best tent suited to your needs.

So now that we have told you all that needs to be taken into consideration before buying a camping tent, let us now move on to some of the best camping tents 2017 options you can try out. The items have been chosen after taking into account all the above factors and are listed in no particular order.


1. Mountain Hardwear Optic 6

You need spacious camping tents if you have a large family of 4 or more, or just like traveling in a wolf pack of sorts. And if you cannot seem to let go of your luxurious bent even when on a camping trip, then consider getting this gem from Mountain Hardware. The Optic 6 is a tent large enough to house an entire family (even pets) inside its six-person capacity interiors, but unlike many of the larger tents out there, this one with all its doors and vestibules holds up almost like a small house. The doors themselves are large and allow for easy entry and exit, even for two small people side by side. The many advantages of this tent in terms of livability also include great vertical space, so this one is a solid option for tall people who are sick of feeling stuffed into the best camping tents much smaller than them.

However, that's not all that the tent has got going for it, as it fares well on many other aspects as well. For instance, you do not have to worry about the Mountain Hardware Optic 6's ability to stand up to bad weather, including the strongest of winds. But do note that this one is really big, so if you have trouble setting up large tents, then you shouldpractise setting this one up at home.


  • VERY spacious.
  • Extremely comfortable for a party of 6 (can even accommodate a pet or two on top of that).
  • Weather resistance is remarkable, can hold up to winds and rains alike


  • Difficult to set up for one person

2. Hilleberg Kaitum GT 2 Person Tent

As with all camping gear from Hilleberg, this tent oozes top of the line luxury. One of the most pricey tents on out list of the best camping tents, we chose this because it achieves the perfect mix of reliability and luxury. The Hilleberg Kaitum GT 2P is made with a Kerlon 1200 fabric which makes it ultra lightweight despite being packed with great features. Besides the stellar wall material which also keeps condensation and humidity at bay, the tent's specifically engineered structure helps it achieve the perfect space to weight ratio compared to any other. You cannot hope to stand up straightin thisone though.

The way the vestibule sets up is also great to add to the storage capacity of your tent. And it is also optimized to keep your stuff dry in rainy weathers. In addition to the easyset up procedure and the lightweight construction (this one weighs in at around 8 lbs), this tent is ideal for harsh and cold weathers. And this can be best vouched for by satisfied users who proclaim that the Hilleberg Kaitum GT 2P is one of the warmest camping tents around. All in all, Hilleberg is known for the quality that they deliver with their gear, and this one does not disappoint by any measure.


  • Durable
  • Engineered construction lends it the perfect space to weight ratio
  • Superior quality
  • Well designed vestibule to provide protection to additional gear
  • Easy to set up
  • Relatively lightweight for a camping tent.


  • Very pricey, but worth the quality

Verdict: The Hilleberg Kaitum GT 2P is one for the camper who does not compromise and quality AND does not flinch to pay the price for it.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1

For all the solo travelers among us, it is easy to pick the best camping tents 2017. For while there certainly are a number of these available on the market, the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent is undoubtedly one of the very best. This tent for the lone camper affords great ventilation, thanks to its semi-mesh wall construction. It is also really easy to set up, thanks to its freestanding construction. It comes with a single door on one of the walls, and the interiors are pretty forgiving in terms of space foras single person. There is also a vestibule that can hold your gear and store them safely from the rains while you rest inside the tent. Speaking of the rains, the three season ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent offers stellar weather protection by keeping the occupant warm and dry even in the coldest and rainiest weather conditions. And its 7000-seriesaluminium stakes ensure that it is extremely durable and does not topple over while facing strong winds.


  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Spatially sufficient interiors
  • Single door and vestibule


  • Nothing really

Verdict: The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent is the perfect choice from every aspect for the solo traveler.

4. Black Diamond Hilight

The perfect lightweight camping tent for winter campers, the Black Diamond Hilight is the solo traveler's dream come true. We recommend it for the single camper, for even though it is a two person capacity tent, it can become a bit of a tight fit for more than one. Especially if the occupants are tall or well built. For people who want to get away from the crowds on their own, however, theHilight is a great option for it provides ample space for the occupant as well as all the gear they take along. Coming to the construction, the Black Diamond Hilight sports a single walled breathable NanoShield fabric material that keeps you warm and yet not feeling stuffy during the coldest of times. The true star feature of this tent is the two-and-a-half-pole design that allows for a firm and stable set up that holds up against the strongest of winds. It comes with one large door on the side that zips down completely to facilitate easy entry and exit.


  • Holds up strongly when set up properly 
  • Door is large enough for easy access
  • Durable, breathable fabric


  • Setting it up can be quite a nightmare

Verdict: The Black Diamond Hilight camping tent is a great option for those adventurous winter campers who like to travel on their own.

5. Nemo Bungalow 4P Camping Tent

Nemo iswell known among hikers and backpackers for the awesome lightweight backpacking gear that they provide, but the Bungalow 4P, as its name suggests, is one for the family. The new tent is not the most lightweight one that you can find, but it is great for a camping option. In fact, the Nemo Bungalow 4P is considered by campers as the perfect hybrid tent owing to its large capacity and relatively lightweight construction. So while it is easy to carry in a vehicle, it is also quite a dream to set up. But like all Nemo tents, the true wonder lies in its construction which is tough and durable enough to withstand many storms that you will face on your camping trips to the mountains. It also keeps you feeling warm and toasty inside, which is another big plus. The only drawback that we can think of in this tent is the fact that while it is made to house three to four people, it comes with only a single door, so be prepared to face some serious trampling when one of your co-campers decides to venture out.


  • Very spacious
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Minimum condensation


  • Just a single door, despite being a 4P tent.

Verdict: If you want a camping tent that will leave you feeling warm and dry but don't mind the door situation, then you can easily consider buying the Nemo Bungalow 4P Camping Tent.

6. Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Dark Room Tent

Like its name suggests, the Coleman Carlsbad 4 Person Tent is a fantastic option for campers who like to camp out in the summers. It stands up well to bright sunlight and keeps you dark and cool even in the hottest of summers. So if you are planning to sleep in a lot during your camping trip, then the Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Tent is for you. What's more is that this tent is one for the family. But don't expect it to perform in super cool weathers as it is built for the summers. The construction is optimized for use in the summers, including a special screen build that allows for maximum ventilation while protecting the occupants from bugs. But it also takes into account the possibility of unexpected summer showers, so the waterproof rainfly is capable of keeping you dry when you're caught in the rain. As a summer tent, it blocks UV rays to a great extent and offers easy set up so that you don't have to struggle and sweat in the process. Surely it's one of the best camping tents of 2017 for sure.


  • Great summer tent
  • Waterproof rainfly
  • Dark and cool


  • Not ideal for other conditions, including monsoons
  • Bullet Point 2

Verdict: No questions here, just go for the Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Dark Room Tent if you are a summer camper.

7. Kelty Outback 6

While the Kelty Outback tents are not some of the strongest ones available on the market, we feel that they strike a great balance between functionality and affordability. And while the construction materials are definitely not traditional, they hold up wellin standard conditions. It is also pretty simple to set up, so you don't have to worry about struggling with the tent. The mesh walls offer excellent ventilation, while the outer rainfly protects you from the rain. It also stands up well against strong windy conditions without succumbing. Be aware that it may not last you years to come, but if you take good care of it, the Kelty Outback 6 will continue to provide you with good, roomy protection for a long time to come. Additionally, it comes at a price to beat.


  • Spacious
  • Good ventilation
  • Waterproof protection with the rainfly
  • Easy to set up


  • Fiber glass poles are less reliable thanaluminium ones. 

Verdict: If you're looking for a standard, budget tent that affords a lot of space, then you can safely go for the Kelty Outback 6.

8. Eureka K-2 XT Tent: One of the Best Camping Tents

As a four season tent, the Eureka K-2 XT Tent is designed to be your perfect companion when you're climbing great heights in the snow. While it's not particularlylight, if you manage to split the parts with your partner(s) you can easily hike across distances with this tent. This tent is ideally a three person one, but it can be used by two occupants morecomfortably if you are looking to pack in your gears inside. Construction wise, there are not so many options out there that will beat the Eureka K-2 XT at its game. It provides campers with stellar stability and the four pole system makes for great set up that won't budge in the face of the strongest of winds. The geodesic dome design is very efficient against stormy weathers and heavy snows, and it is also very livable, thanks to its spacious interiors and double vestibule design. This tent is also a great option for taller people who find it difficult to find tents that let them stay comfortably.


  • Extremely strong construction and durable build
  • Good for taller folks
  • Easy to set up


  • On the heavier side, so not ideal for those looking to raid the mountains in foot over a considerable distance.

Verdict: The Eureka K-2 XT can be your tent of choice if you like to camp out in colder weathers.

9. MSR Papa Hubba NX 4-Person Tent

For a tent that claims to be a four person one, the biggest drawback of the MSR Papa Hubba NX 4P is probably the fact that it's a little tight on space for four people. But if you are traveling in a party of three and want a good reliable tent to take you from rain to shine to storms, then you can consider buying the MSR Papa Hubba NX. What also adds to its impressive list of pros is that it is one of the lightest campingtent for a family that you can get your hands on for the price. It also has a twin door construction, which makes it really convenient to step in and out of the tent for multiple persons at the same time. You don't even have to trample over someone else to be able to get out. The two large vestibules also offer great storage facility, and set up is made easier by the presence of color coded clamps. Despite being a three season tent at best, it also holds up well against snowy weathers.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Great stable tent
  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile


  • Not a great tent for four despite advertising

Verdict: The MSR Papa Hubba NX 4P is actually a great tent for three people.

10. Black Pine SportsFreestander Turbo Tent

Black Pine's camping gear are some of the best that you can buy for your money, and theFreestander Turbo 6P Tent just goes to prove that point further. This is regarded as the best camping tents by many trekkers, and it is made extremely livable by the presence of its large door up front and two big windows on the sides, which also offer relief from the stuffiness that can be a result of a lot of people living in it together. The walls are constructed of high quality materials that provide optimum protection against the rains and even storms. It is also very durable and extremely versatile, so you can easily take this tent on as many trips as you like across several different terrains. All in all, the Black Pine SportsFreestander Turbo Tent for six is one of the best family camping tents out there on the market. And considering its features, we think the price is well worth it.


  • Large capacity
  • Great high quality construction materials
  • Very easy to set up
  • Several windows


  • Could have had an additional door at the back to make for easier entry and exit

Verdict: The Black Pine SportsFreestander Turbo Tent comes very close to being the most desirable family camping tent.

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Wrap Up

The products listed above have been carefully compiled to fit a large number of necessities and demands. We have included tents that range from single person camping tents to six person capacities, but if you wish to travel in groups of seven or more, most of these manufacturers come with room for more. So if you're on the lookout for the best camping tents 2017 for yourself, then we trust that this article will serve you well. But don't forget to add any recommendations or suggestions if you're a camping veteran.

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