Best Heated Jackets 2017 Review & Buying Guide

Best Heated Jacket: It's that time of the year again when winter sports are the coolest things to indulge in. And while skiing or snowmobiling in the mountains can be very refreshing, they can leave you very vulnerable to the cold. One option is to pile on the layers, but engaging in physically demanding activities while being weighed down by coats and jackets is barely a practicable thing to do. Additionally, normal winter clothing works by trapping the heat you emanate from your body, and the effective way to make the most out of them in the biting cold is to work out in them, which is neither viable nor possible to do at all times. Plus there's that thing about snow- it gets you, and your winter clothing, wet. And wet winter clothing is about as effective in warding off the cold as ice cold water. Here, in this article we will be reviewing about some of the best heated jackets 2017, so let's get started.

Best Heated Jackets

Best Heated Jacket

  • That's where heated jackets comes in. Heated clothing comes with built-in electrical circuitry designed to heat up the clothing with the help of a battery. So wearing best heated jacket will allow you to keep warm in extreme conditions even when you are resting and not producing heat by means of rigorous tasking. What's more is that they're equally handy in wet conditions, as they are designed to keep you warm without fail even in damp weathers.

3 Best Heated Jackets of our List

What are Heated Jackets?

The most appropriate short description for a heated jacket or any heated garment for that matter is a piece of clothing that comes equipped with a self-heating technology. In most cases, this means that these attires include a battery powered circuitry that helps them to warm up electrically. That's why having one of the best heated jackets in your wardrobe is always a very good option. 

The most common pieces of self-heating garments are meant for the hands and the feet, as these areas are most prone to being affected by extreme cold and frostbite. But thanks to modern day advancements, this piece of intelligent technology has been extended to full clothing suits, the most widely used and in demand ones being heated jackets.

How The Best Heated Jacket Works

As has been mentioned before, heated garments work on batteries, and these come in many types. Here we will be talking about different types of best heated jacket 2017 in the most detailed way possible. 

  • Firstly, they can be distinguished by the kind of power they use. The most widely used ones range between 5V and 12V systems that could either be charged by rechargeable batteries or draw their power from a common source.
  • The latter is more commonly seen on heated clothing specifically designed for vehicular use. For instance, those who are interested in winter motorsports like snowmobiling or have to ride on their motorbikes during harsh weathers can make use of the 12V variety.
  • These will draw their power from the motorbike's battery itself, and being more powerful than any other variants lets them heat up a larger body surface compared to, say 7V systems.
  • Interestingly, however, there is another kind of heated garments, which work without electricity being built into them. These garments come with insertable gels that can be heated up prior to their use and can be stuffed inside specific areas of the jacket to keep you warm.

Needless to say, they are less of a convenience when you're on the move for a while. And this is why electronically heated jackets have found more popularity among users compared to all other kinds available on the market. In this article we will be handpicking some of the best heated jackets for men and women. Let's start!!

Best Heated Jackets For Women


Why Use The Best Heated Jacket?

Heated Jackets are a great way to stay warm in extreme weather conditions with minimum effort. They make it possible for the regular practice of layering to be done away with and pave the way for easier mobility and functionality. As an added plus, the best heated jacket comes in a lot of stylish options. 

  • On the functionality front, heated jackets also offer a lot in terms of storage. So while heated gloves or heated foot garments can only do so much to provide warmth to the extremities, heated jackets offer a much more evenly distributed heating system that spreads throughout your body.
  • The best heated jackets are usually pretty lightweight, so you can even wear them underneath your woollens to keep the warmth locked in, even during wet climates.

Best Heated Jackets For men


Who should You buy The Best heated jacket?

The best heated jackets are made with really harsh climates in mind, though you can use them as per your needs. However, they are meant for those who have to be out in cold climates for a longer period of time. The best heated jacket can actually heat up pretty quickly and effectively, making them great for anyone who has to work out in the cold for long hours.

  • They also make a great choice for those who have to travel far and wide on open vehicles like motorbikes and snowmobiles in frosty climates.
  • There are many among us whose jobs demand such parameters, and these garments are usually quite helpful in such cases. And last but not the least, they make a great choice for those wanting to revel in snowy climates for the thrill of sports. 

So is you're planning a skiing vacation in January somewhere in the snowy mountains and are wondering how best to beat the cold, you have your answer right here.

Best Heated Jackets: A Perfect Buying Guide

Undoubtedly, best heated jackets are a very handy way to keep you warm during the harsh weathers, and they work well for those who are compelled to work outside during such conditions. But the fact is, with all the options out there, it might be difficult to zero in on the best heated jacket suited to your needs. The first thing you need to understand if you're a newbie to the heated jacket trend (or necessity) is that there are several kinds of these out there. And needless to say, you will pay different amounts of money for each of these kinds. So take a look at the buying guidelines listed below to help you get an idea about how to approach buying the best heated jacket for you.

Know Your Needs: Before you jump into investing in a heated jacket for you or your family, you should stop and think about why you need it in the first place. We say this because there are a lot of different kinds of jackets out there that offer different kinds of coverage and degree of warmth. 

  • If your work demands that you stand in the knee-deep snow for a prolonged period, then you should go for battery enabled leg liners underneath your layers. If you are considering a skiing trip, then a 7V heated jacket should be good enough to help you combat your stint in the snow. But if your daily routine demands that you make long motorbike trips in the midst of a near-whiteout, then you should consider buying something more heavy duty.

Know the options: There are different kinds of heated garments that utilise different kinds of technology to do the job. This also largely depends on the conditions you will be braving, but there is room for preference too. Heated jackets can be of many types, the battery operated ones being the most popular. 

  • But if you want something that will help you trap a considerable amount of warmth for a shorter period of time, then you may be better off with the gel type heating jackets. There are also garments that can induce warmth with the help of chemical compounds which come in disposable pouches.

But once again, if you want something more effective over longer periods of time, then you should just go for the battery operated options as they are more hassle free.

Battery: The best heated jackets that rely on electricity come with a variety of battery options, so it is important to consider what type will be best suited for your needs. The batteries range from 5V to 12V, the upper limit usually being the one preferred by riders. 

  • The most commonly used type is the 7V one that is enough to combat cold weathers when you have to be outdoors for an extended period of time.
  • The higher, more efficient 12V ones are usually preferred by those who have to deal with harsh windy snows, hence their preference by bikers. Also, most of these units are rechargeable and draw their power from a common source, making them rather easy to use.

Price: Quite obviously, this is one of the most important things that will help you come up with a shortlist. Most of the best heated jackets out there are expensive, but if you do your research, you will encounter a number of options within your limit. The best way to fixate on a price is, of course, by doing your own research. And we encourage you to do that before you decide on anything. Do keep in mind that with electric heated jackets, you get what you pay for, but that doesn't mean you have to shell out an arm and a leg to get what you need.

Best Heated Jackets- 10 Options to Look At

We have created the list of best heated jackets below keeping in mind all these factors and be assured that the heated jackets listed below are the very best of options that you can find for your money. Read on.


EXO2 - EXOGLO PRO Style Ladies Bodywarmer

EXO2 is one of the most renowned names in the business of battery operated bodywarmers. What makes the EXOGLO PRO stand out among hordes of other heated jackets available on the market is its adaptability- which means that you can either use the battery powered option to keep you warm or connect it to your motorcycle.

This makes the EXOGLO PRO the best heated jacket buying option if you have unpredictable schedules, or just enjoy exercising your freedom about being comfortable out in the cold thanks to it 12V battery unit. Their customer service is also excellent, which makes this jacket's lifetime warranty on its heating system easy to make good use of.

  • It is designed with EXO2's FabRoc Heat Technology which leaves you feeling amply warm without the need for any wires. The battery can also be charged with the help of a remote control which comes included with the vest. The whole system is waterproof and is tough enough to handle rough use so that you can get great value out of your money with the EXOGLO PRO.


  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Adaptable heating technology.
  • Comes with a 12V battery, charger, and a remote control. Great for rough use.


  • Sizing may be an issue as they tend to run a little small.

With the EXO2 EXOGLO PRO, you can get a whole lot of use out of your vest. Its functionality and adaptability place it at the top our list of the best heated jackets


DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L 20V/12V MAX Heated Jacket Kit

Another great option to keep you comfortably toasty even in the harshest winter months, the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L 20V/12V MAX Heated Jacket is perfect for those long outdoor stints. The jacket itself is very sturdy, and the battery takes as little as half an hour to charge, which typically lasts halfway through your day. This industry grade jacket has a pre-heat function, which gets it up to a comfortable temperature fast enough. This lets you get warm quickly when you venture outdoors without feeling the chills.

  • The power button on this jacket is pretty prominent, and it glows different colours on different settings making it easy for you to keep track of battery usage.
  • The large battery pack can be easily placed inside the battery pocket which can expand to house Premium 20V MAX batteries efficiently. The fit may appear to be larger, but that means that you can easily wear it over a few layers if your work requires it. 
  • However, keep in mind that the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L 20V/12V MAX Heated Jacket is not meant for jobs which can get you wet, as it has wires running through it.


  • Trusted gear for industry grade use. Up to 7.5 hours of battery time. Plenty of handy pockets.
  • Outer shell is water resistant, so you don't have to worry about the occasional splash


  • The placement of the battery pack on the jacket may be an issue. Not fully water resistant.

There are plenty of reasons why the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L 20V/12V MAX Heated Jacket is the chosen one for people on the job. The jacket is an undoubtedly heavy duty, and the battery can last you a while. You can also find the kit replacements easily from Dewalt, make this particular jacket a fantastic choice for long term use.


Bosch PSJ120M-102 Heated Jacket

This greatly adaptable jacket comes with a kit of its own and is capable of providing a runtime of up to 6 hours, though it does tend to run out sooner on the higher settings. The soft shell outer coating on the Bosch PSJ120M-102 Heated Jacket is water and wind resistant, and this best heated jacket comes complete with strategically placed pockets for well thought out ways to store your phone, large documents and other things. The kit includes a BHB120 Battery Holster, a charger, and the Bosch 12 Volt Max battery.

  • However, you can even charge this jacket via other USB compatible devices like your phone, therefore make it easy for you to have a backup source of power when the battery runs out. Unlike most other heavy duty heated jackets, the Bosch PSJ120M-102 Heated Jacket is really well-fitted, which makes it a great choice for both women and men. It is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, and stylish.


  • Well-structured,
  • unisex fit.
  • Has a quick warming feature. Windproof and waterproof. Plenty of storage options.


  • Limited battery option

The heavy duty, yet adaptable nature of the Bosch PSJ120M-102 Heated Jacket makes it one of the best heated jackets on the market. The parts are also easily replaceable, and Bosch being a widely trusted brand, you can find them anywhere.


Gerbing's Puffer MountainSport Heated Jacket

We love this heated jacket because of how warm and fluffy it is by itself, but it is also powered by a decent heating mechanism that can keep you comfortably warm when you're expected to be outside for a while. While the jacket is pretty warm by itself when you wear it without the heating, the 7V capacity battery can reach heats of up to 135F degrees.

  • This makes it rank among the best-heated jackets for skiing or holidaying.
  • It also works well with layering underneath. The outer shell is made from nylon and is hardy enough to withstand rough use (Gerbing says that it is rip-resistant).
  • The down type insulation seems to work well, though the battery is not meant for extended use. So you will need to try out other heated jackets if you need one for use at job sites.


  • Provides ample warmth to deal with short stints in the cold.
  • Comfortable on its own.
  • Good for sporting activities.
  • Good for layering


  • No water resistance

The Gerbing Puffer Mountain Sports Heated Jacket is an excellent choice for city dwellers who feel the need to keep warm when taking a stroll around town or for those planning a vacation in the snowy mountains. You just need to remember to not get it wet.


Gyde Hybrid Women's Jacket

The Gyde Hybrid Women's Jacket is a good alternative to the Gerbing listed above as a softshell jacket best used for skiing purposes. This particularly heated jacket is really well protected on its own, and like the Gerbing, the Gyde Hybrid Jacket is powered by a 7V battery unit and maxes out at reaching temperatures of 135F. It is arguably one of the best heated jackets of 2017 fors ure.

  • What works best in this jacket's favour is the nicely sealed in feel that it provides, especially around problem areas like the neck thanks to its five Microwire heating zones in the collar and chest.
  • It also encourages layering, which makes it easy for you to seal in the heat further. It also makes for added mobility, aided by the Polartec Power Stretch Pro fleece design, and is water resistant on the outside.
  • There are plenty of storage options on board as well, and the hand pockets on the sides help you keep your hands warm even without the need for heated gloves.
  • The most interesting thing about this offering from Gyde is its hybrid build, which basically combines the components of two different materials to bring to its users a product that packs in the best of both worlds.
  • That makes the Gyde Hybrid Women's Jacket breathable as well as providing a good amount of weather protection at the same time.


  • Comes with a Dual Mode 7 Volt Battery.
  • Snug sealed in warmth.
  • Hybrid design provides breathable, wind and water-resistant comfort.
  • Durable.


  • Sizing may be a problem

The Gyde Hybrid Women's Jacket is a great option to take along for your winter holidays. The insulation will keep you feeling toasty, while the lightweight build will help you pursue your favourite activities with increased mobility.


ORORO Women's Slim-Fit Wireless Heated Jacket Kit

The ORORO Women's Wireless Heated Jacket is really popular with users because of a number of reasons. This particularly heated jacket uses a wireless technology and a 7.4V battery with a large 4,400 mAh capacity. The battery pay-off itself is excellent, and the best thing about the ORORO Women's Wireless Heated Jacket is that it takes minutes to get you warm.

  • There is a pre-heat system as well, that helps ensure that you're not going out in freezing temperatures completely underprepared.
  • Another big plus is the jacket's fit- the cut suits everyone well, and the overall fit is snug, warm, and stylish.
  • The ORORO Women's Wireless Heated Jacket sports a soft shell exterior that is water as well as wind resistant, and the Carbon Fiber Heating Technology has four different levels of temperature settings.
  • This jacket can afford up to 8 hours of warmth on low settings, and the jacket is suitable for several outdoor activities in the snow, like skiing, hiking, climbing, or any others.


  • Wireless.
  • Great Battery pays off.
  • Has 4 different heating levels.
  • Great Fit.


  • Uneven heating

The softshell exterior accompanied with a great battery and good fit makes the ORORO Women's Wireless Heated Jacket a great choice for holidaying in the cold. The slim fit makes it easy to wear underneath layers so you can keep extra warm.


Milwaukee TV205494 Black X-Large M12 Heat Jacket

Milwaukee is well known for their excellent tools, and their Milwaukee TV205494 M12 Best Heated Jacket also reflects that same respect for quality. The Milwaukee TV205494 M12 Heated Jacket is a great buy for those who have to work outside in the freezing cold. This hoodie is a soft-shell variant, and it looks stylish and feels really comfortable with or without the heat.

  • What sets the Milwaukee TV205494 M12 Heated Jacket apart is the fact that the heat reaches the pockets, making sure your hands are kept comfortably warm.
  • The jacket is excellently well made, and it works well with layering. In fact, it would be best if you wear some sort of added insulation underneath to ensure the heat is distributed well.
  • The heating panel on the inside is colour coded, and you can easily pick your setting of choice by simply pressing a button. 
  • However, with the Milwaukee TV205494 M12 Heated Jacket, make sure that you get the right fit, as a loose fit will result in less warmth. It also needs a long time to heat up properly, so ensure you set it up well in advance before you head on outside for your chores.


  • Stylish design.
  • Heated Pockets.
  • Great quality material.
  • Even heat distribution


  • Battery is mediocre, runs out quicker than expected.
  • Takes a relatively long time to heat up compared to some of the other best heated jackets.

The Milwaukee TV205494 M12 Heat Jacket is a good choice as an everyday jacket that you can wear anywhere.


Volt Women's Cracow Heated Jacket

We love the Volt Women's Cracow Heated Jacket not only for its functionality but also for its really good looks. On the outside, this best heated jacket sports a quilted nylon design that looks super trendy and fashionable. 

  • The fit is also excellent, and the lack of extra bulk makes it easy for you to wear it anywhere you go. On the inside, the jacket provides good protection from the winter chills thanks to its three heating zones- two are in front and a larger one is placed at the back.
  • The jacket is powered by a 7V rechargeable battery which can be stored in the pocket. On the highest setting, the Volt Women's Cracow Heated Jacket can provide up to two hours of continuous heating, reaching temperatures up to 170 degrees.
  • The fleece lining on the inside provides excellent insulation and maximum heat retention without the need for extra layering, but you can opt to layer based on your needs.
  • At only 80 grammes, it is also extremely lightweight and comfortable.


  • Stylish looks.
  • Excellent warming abilities.
  • Fleece lining gives great insulation for warmth retention.
  • Lightweight polyester material


  • Zipper tends to get stuck.
  • Battery runs out pretty fast

If you're looking for a good heated jacket for short periods of time outside in the cold, then the Volt Women's Cracow Heated Jacket can be the best heated jacket for you.


Makita DCJ200ZXL 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Heated Jacket

Makita’s 18V battery powered accessories include a heated jacket, and it is one of the very best that you can find. The jacket is a convertible one, which means you can either wear it with the sleeves attached or take them off (held together by rusty zippers at the shoulders) and wear it as a vest. 

  • The Makita DCJ200ZXL 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Heated Jacket is designed to protect you from the cold, harsh winter conditions when you’re at your job site, so it is pretty heavy duty.
  • Besides being equipped with three heating zones (two at the front and one at the back) and three different heat settings, the Makita DCJ200ZXL 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Heated Jacket has four pockets to provide ample storage options on board.
  • It does not come with a battery, but it is perfectly adaptable with Makita's 18V battery unit. 
  • However, this is not a lightweight jacket and has a fair bit of bulk, but since it is built for extreme work conditions, we think it makes sense.


  • Works with Makita's 18V batteries, so you don't need to buy it separately if you own one for your toolbox.
  • Has excellent battery pay off.
  • Looks decent. Convertible design


  • Bulky and heavy.
  • No batteries included.
  • Not washable

Like all Makita gear, the Makita DCJ200ZXL 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Heated Jacket is designed to provide heavy duty service and last you for a long time. You can consider investing in it if you need something to keep you feeling toasty in harsh climates for long hours.


Mobile Warming Classic Heated Jacket

Another one of our favourites on the list of best heated jackets, the Mobile Warming Classic Heated Jacket steals the show for its excellent material and amazing tapered fit. 

  • This heated jacket is powered by a 7.4V, 2.2mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that works well to keep you warm when you're out in the cold indulging in some of your favourite sports activities.
  • What has it scoring bigger for this very purpose is the material- the Mobile Warming Classic Heated Jacket is fashioned from a Windshark four-way stretchable fabric that is highly breathable, so you won't feel uncomfortable.
  • The fabric is also waterproof and can stand light to moderate showers. The battery itself can keep providing warmth for up to 10 hours, reaching a maximum temperature of 135F on the highest setting.
  • There are four settings to choose from, and it is easy to pick one with the help of the button inside.
  • Its stylish looks also make it a very good choice for holidaying. All in all, one of the best heated jackets you can buy for the outdoor enthusiast in you.


  • Breathable, waterproof fabric.
  • Can reach temperatures up to 135F on max setting.
  • Excellent battery runtime- up to 10 hours


  • Sizing is an issue as they tend to run smaller

If you're looking to spend a holiday in the mountains this year and yet look stylish while beating the chills, you can try out the Mobile Warming Classic Best Heated Jacket.

Wrap Up..

So there you have it- our list of the best heated jackets for extreme weather conditions. We have looked at some of the best options for a varied number of purposes and listed the only the very best based on user experience and overall satisfaction. So whether you're looking for a great gear to wear to your daily outdoors job or you need a stylish one to sport during the holiday seasons, you will be able to pick one among the heated jackets that we have listed. If you think we missed out on a great product, or if you have something to add to the ones that we have listed, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. Most importantly, stay warm, protected, and stylish this winter and all winters to come. we can also check best down jackets.

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